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Chess Problems website built by chess amateur for people who love chess, and want to play better 

What is "Chess Problems"?

"Chess Problems" is a site containing a series of challenging chess problems that require more than just basic chess knowledge to solve. The motivation for creating and maintaining 'Chess Problems', is to provide a platform for the inquiring mind to delve into unfamiliar areas and learn new concepts in a fun and enjoyable environment. 


Who are the problems aimed at?

The intended audience includes chess players for whom the basic curriculum is not feeding their hunger to learn. The project has quite a large number of problems, which are organized according to their complexity, so they will be useful both for chess amateurs and experienced players. The main idea is to promote and popularize chess.


Can anyone solve the problems?

The problems vary in difficulty and the experience of solving them will result in what might be called "inductive chain learning". That is, solving one problem will expose you to a new concept that will allow you to undertake a previously inaccessible problem. Consequently  the determined participant will slowly but surely be able to work his/her way through every problem.

Are this chess problems appropriate for learning kids?

Definitely, one of the main aims of our team is prepare interactive tool with all these chess problems for kids. We've tried to upload very simple chess problems, to help kids to start with the site.

How do I know where should I start?

That depends on your background. The complexity of each problem is shown next to the chess board, so less experienced players can start solving easier problems, and then proceed to the hardest. All the problems are organized into lessons, so can be used to increase the understanding of a chess idea.

What do the special symbols on the diagrams mean?

chess problems, tutorial

How do I know that I've solved a problem correctly?

Basically the square which shows the side to move, will show if your move is correct or incorrect. E.g. if the composition was solved correctly, it will start flickering green (or red if the solution is incorrect)

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I've checked my solution ten times and I keep getting told my answer is wrong! Have you made a mistake?

With newly released problems it is quite possible that a small error may have slipped through the net, so don't hesitate to report it by email: support@chess-problems.org


Do you have any hints on solving problems?

No! But why do you need them? Our aim is to make you stronger, so try to solve problems without moving pieces!!


I saw people are using cool avatars in the Best people section. How do I add mine?

We have introduced a profiles section where you can upload your avatar. It's better to use high resolution pictures... Also you can add your location and other information if you want

Who runs Chess Problems?

Ideas for new problems come from our own members and they are developed by a team of hard working and talented chess players. So to put it simply, it is the members that run Chess Problems

Can I suggest an improvement?

Sure! Would be glad to try implementing it.

Do you have other websites?

Yes we have. We are managing AboutTimeBoardGame.com which site is dedicated to board games instead of chess

Can I make a donation?

Absolutely! Chess Problems is entirely financed by its own members, so if you have enjoyed the problems and would like to give something back by helping with the running costs then any donations are gratefully received! See details in contacts section


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