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  • User: mrmip from Finland
  • Club rank: 11502
  • Number of solved compositions: 3112
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Short summary

The chess-problems is not a commercial project, so we don't have aim to earn money using this site. That's why we don't overload our pages with banners, and other stuff. The design of the site is simple, and not very sophisticated... I am trying to make it useful only for one purpose: learning chess... So my ideas are: No banners (just one), big chess board, useful design.


If you like our project, please consider making a small donation in order to help us to maintain the project. We need some money to pay our server and to upload new compositions.

Propositions and feedback

I feel that the project is not perfect :), and want to improve it. The most useful thing is your feedback. So if you have ideas how to improve the project, and make it more useful I would be really glad to hear, and give it a try. So feedback is more then welcome


Please send me your propositions, feedback on: