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Learning chess from examples

Chess game if full of interesting possibilities. Sometimes you can completely beat your opponent, but then miss something and the position will change dramatically. Thats why when new people are visiting my club and asking teach me to play chess from the beginning, I am giving them chess puzzles to start, and of course give them a good practice with different opponents. For sure such method of learning chess gives a possibility to grow very quickly. Usually solving chess puzzles helps people to keep their tactic skills high.


Starting with chess lessons

If you're beginner in chess start from my lessons. They are organized by complexity so less complex positions comes first, teaching player how to act in more difficult cases. I strongly encourage people to learn chess.


Lessons chess list

Solve random problems

  1. Easy chess problems
  2. Hard chess problems

For web masters

If you own a chess site or blog, you can embed chess tactics lessons into it. Use the following code as an example to do it:

Lesson1: Damming

Lesson2: X-Ray attack

Lesson3: Blocade

Lesson4: Annihilation of Defence


If you want to style lessons in any particular style (so it fits your website) let me know (use contact section), and we will embed your custom style, etc