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ChessMate Slot Review on New Slot Sites

Do you love challenging slots? Are you looking for an enhanced playing experience? If yes, you should try the ChessMate slot and read out this ChessMate slot review. This slot comes with chess piece symbols to look adorable and give a feeling like an experienced chess player. This slot comes with twenty-five pay lines and five reels. The players will be allowed to bet up to the maximum of five coins on a pay line.

The background will feel like an adventure with a venturesome spirit. In addition to the bonus, you will have an abundance of rewards. The amount of the jackpot is worth mentioning. It can reach up to 20, 000 coins. You will find colorful symbols resembling chess characters.

Do you want to know more about the ChessMate slot? Are you interested in the bonuses and rules? If yes, you can go through the following ChessMate review. It will focus on the play rules, bonuses, and other features to help you to have a fair idea about the slot. You can find this slot on the newest slot sites' portfolio.

How to Play

You will find it like a combination of fairy tale and adventure. The theme is super entertaining. It is easy to play. You do not need to follow many stuffy rules to start with. All you need to do is bet and spin and that will allow you to move pieces into place. The players will receive a payout when they can hit a match combination. It is super easy and fun. You can play it without any gaming experience.

How Color Makes a Difference in the Slot

Different color symbols decide some special prizes and rewards for players. When the players can land five green little man icons, they will earn 3 000 coins and for four symbols, the amount will be 750 coins. Similarly, five brown rabbit symbols will help players to get 2, 000 coins and four symbols will grant 500 coins. For five purple little girls, the amount is 1,000 coins and four symbols can make you win 100 coins. If you will land five blue man icons sitting in the chair, then the winning amount will be 500 coins and you will get 200 coins if you land five pink little girl. The color makes a difference in the winning amount.

What About the Bonus & Jackpot

You can hit its jackpot and win 20, 000 coins. This is not complex like other slots. If there are five wild icons on your chessboard, you can win the jackpot amount. If you have four wild icons, you can win 2, 000 coins and with three wild icons, the amount will be 200 coins. Also, this icon is replaceable with other symbols. However, you cannot replace it with Scatter Horse.

Bottom Line

Three Scatter Horses will offer the free spin feature. If you will be able to activate this feature, you can get nine free spins maximum. The second feature will be activated if three or more bonus round symbols will show up on your active payline. A new screen will come by showing up ten squares. You will have to select three to reveal your cash prize. It will enable you to get one of the highest values.