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  • User: mrmip from Finland
  • Club rank: 11502
  • Number of solved compositions: 3112
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1. Alexandra Kosteniuk Women's Chess blog

The world's leading Women's Chess Blog, hosted by the Grandmaster and Chess Queen™, Reigning 12th World Chess Champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

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3. chesscircle.net

4. Шахматный портал WEBCHESS.RU - online игры, шахматные турниры, статьи, дебюты, общение шахматистов

5. Rooty Hill Chess Club is a community chess club located 30Km west of Sydney Australia. We meet  Monday night each week  starting at 7:00pm to 11:pm for over the board activities.
For more info visit   

6. Online Chess Games, Chess Learning

Download to learn chess online at IchessU! The #1 place for learning chess in an interactive way! Download Chess learning platform to help you to learn & play chess in a class room style with the chess mentors through their multi-path real-time interactive virtual classroom.

7. Chess clubs world wide. Find chess club near you!

Serious chess. Serious fun!


8. ChessBaron Chess Sets

Good prices and reductions for chess sets, pieces and boards.


9. Chess studies , problems , games
Chess studies , problems , games. You may play chess against the computer or learn chess.

10. Chess : play or learn : Play chess , learn the rules of chess and chess tactics . Daily updated chess news , chess problems , studies and quiz.

11. http://www.chessebook.com

12. British Columbia Chess Federation

13. Chess stuff (sets, boards tables)   Bello Games New York, Inc.  Large selection of chess sets, free shipping on most, ships anywhere in the world.

14. Official website of top chess grandmaster Natalia Pogonina

15. chess-results.com the Chess-Tournaments-Results-Server

16. Free Chess - Welcome to a free chess school ChessZone.org.

17. TheChessWorld.com - Information for chess improvement, tactics to solve, games, Nalimov Endgame Tables, chess graphics

18. Chessology is a free chess game which helps you to learn and play chess using colors.

19. The Chess Musings Blog